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Catalyzing the global sustainability market through FOCUS

The challenges of climate change, environmental degradation and resource scarcity are making businesses seek to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of their strategy and operations.

As a result, the global sustainability market is already a large one: $5.5 trillion. But this critical and big market has a big problem: Lack of focus.

Business users of sustainability are not able to get focussed guidance on sustainability solutions, relevant to their industry, at one place.

Sustainability solutions providers are not able to get targeted visibility to their user segments from the current online platforms

E2Expo, the online promotion platform for the sustainability market, solves both these problems by providing focussed sustainability intelligence to industrial users and tailored promotion avenues for the sustainability solution providers.

Check out our sustainability intelligence for different sectors and solutions below. If you are a solutions provider, check out our Expo section to see the various avenues through which you can best reach your target audience.

If you wish to know about E2Expo in a minute from our elevator pitch, see here

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